Bare Repairs

Why can’t all repairmen be as fit and beautiful as these are?  Working hard only makes these young guys hornier and hornier, and halfway thorugh any job, it’s almost a certainty that they’ll strip off their clothes and expose stunning smooth bodies, toned torsos and if you’re lucky, a massive dick standing to attention and eager to show just what it can do!  With perfect butts and proud dicks, it’s an endless adventure in the sunshine and summer rain as they all work out their aggression and end up covering butts, faces and themselves in glorious amounts of boy juice!

Starring: Zac Powers, Rudy Bodlak, John Parker, John Horny, Maxim Moira, Damien Driek, Jesse Jankins, Kevin Ateah
Keywords: outdoors, duos, twinks, dark hair, big dick, threesome, group sex, tattoos, facial cumshot, spit roasting
Price Category:
Runtime: 93 mins
Product Code: EU-07/12-02
Date of Release: 03 Sept 2012