As the cold Church air is breathed deep by the Choir, young Ben Cox arrives, the newest member of this all-boy singing group.  Greeted by the ominous Deacon, he’s ushered into the fold, but the boys aren’t as receptive.  With lead ChoirBoy Danny feeling on the edge, he pushes past Ben but soon brings him back after his first day with the boys.  There’s a budding relationship almost immediately as the sparks are almost visible between them.  There’s one dark shadow hanging over the couple however, his presence always there, watching and waiting and ready to exert his power upon the impressionable and innocent group of boys.  Will Danny and Ben get together, or will the Deacon maintain his grip and keep his omnipotent control over the whole choir?

A full cast of new faces and favourite stars come together in the most anticipated and controversial DreamBoy movie to date.  The cinematic and stylistic influences from director Blacky Mendez exude from the location-led movie.  The hottest young stars shine in their roles within the choir and porn will have a new standard.

Starring: Luke Desmond, Rox Matthews, Ben Cox, Danny Montero, Lyle Boyce, Alex Silvers, Dolan Wolf
Keywords: Duos, twinks, big dick, dark hair, blond, , inter-generational, hairy body, facial hair
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Product Code: EU-01/14-01
Date of Release: 18 March 2014ChoirBoy