The lure of the French countryside calls a group of 5 young city slickers from London, two couples and a single sexy young man called Lyle.  Owned and run by the French beauty Leo Marco, the cottage becomes a hot-bed of illicit sex, broken relationships and perhaps, just perhaps the blossoming of a very unexpected love story in the midst of super charged libidos and questionable morals.  Paradise is lost almost immediately as super-stud Kayden invites Niall’s ex JP who turns up out of the blue and tensions that have been building suddenly combust in front of everyone and no-one is left untouched, not even the CottageBoy himself.  Follow this blockbuster storyline as we weave between couples old and new and are given fit young bodies, gorgeous countryside surroundings all mixed in with the hottest twink sex you’ll see anywhere.

Starring: Kayden Gray, Lyle Boyce, Leo Marco, Zac West, JP Dubois, Niall Roberts, Lucas Davidson
Keywords: big dicks, duos, muscle, twink, slim, pale, blond, solo sex, dark hair, voyeur, outdoors sex, red hair, smoking, threesome, spit roast, facial cumshot, international cast, fireplace, romance, flip-fucking
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Product Code: EU-09/13-02
Date of Release: 28 October 2013