Fixed & Fucked

There’s always something that needs fixing, whether it’s a busted computer, a broken sofa-bed or your libido that’s hitting the roof, and to fix all these problems, Trojan’s Toolbox are on hand to lend their specialist skills to the occasion, always giving service with a smile and ensuring they leave their clients sweaty, spunky and satisfied!  With muscle men Yohann Banks, Bruno Fox and Antonio Garcia, all sporting muscled butts and giant dicks, the work may be hard, but the sex is even harder!

Starring: Valentin Alsina, Damian Boss, Yohann Banks, Bruno Fox, Sam Bishop, Riley Coxx, Antonio Garcia
Keywords: Duos, hairy body, facial hair, big dick, international cast, facial cumshot, muscle, tattoos
Price Category:
Super Back
Product Code: EU-06/13-01
Date of Release: 02 September 2013
Fixed and Fucked