There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a strong muscled stud holding your hole open and pulling gently on it, taking you wider than you’ve ever yet been after loosening you up with gradually bigger toys, pushing you to your limit and taking you one step further. Their probing fingers opening you up more and more, taking one more on each time until you feel the ease of it all sliding inside you. These horny power bottoms know exactly that feeling, and want to break their limits on camera. As the toys stretch them wide and the fingers do their work, they are soon gaping wide for you, their holes now holding themselves open as they groan for more depth and girth.

Starring: Owen Powers, Sam Syron, Charley Cole, Korar Darver, Logan Moore, Valentino Delta, Kayden Gray, Korar Darver
Keywords: toys, duos, fingering, big dick, fetish, hairy body, tattoos, piercings, gaping, twinks, blond, muscle, double penetration, facial hair, leather
Price Category:
 New Release
Runtime: 90 mins
Product Code: EU-01/17-01
Date of Release: 05 April 2017