Indieboyz Climaxed

It’s the tenth title from Indieboyz and these boys are still as cock crazed and horny as ever! Featuring the return of Indieboyz favourites like Seth and Evan Foxx, as well as the introduction of smoking hot cover star Rocco, its got the classic combination of cute, smooth twinks and hardcore butt pounding action that has kept this series going for so long!! By the end, these boys wont be the only ones who will have Climaxed!!

Starring: Rocco, Seth, JP Dubois, Jonny Jazz, Dallen Sidtka, Matt Attack, Evan Foxx
Keywords: Twinks, Tattoos, Duos, Rimming, Facial Cumshot, Teens
Price Category:
Runtime: 76 mins
Product Code: EU-12/09-06