Monster Cock Jocks

The sweet, thick smell of sex is prevalent in every scene of this giant dicked movie. The sweaty jocks are sporting monster cocks, and that’s just the beginning! Teaming up with fellow toned, lean young men, the cock hungry bottoms drop to their knees in an instant as they are confronted with beer can thick slabs of meat swinging between their muscled legs, black dick, white dicks it doesn’t matter as long as they are massive – and boy are they massive!! It might look as though there is no way in hell they would fit in a mouth, let alone all the way to the balls up a peachy ass – but these Hard Brit Lads aren’t just any old bottoms, they are professional dick takers and they show us exactly how it’s done! With the sweat seeping into their sports kit, and their bodies soon drained of every drop of spunk – there’s nothing left to the imagination as the camera gives us the horniest close-ups of the deepest, widest ass action possible.

Starring: Kayden Gray, Alexx Delsey, Scott Hunter, Daniel James, Drew Brody, Ben Collins, Sonny, Tyler Johnson
Keywords: sports, big dick, muscle, kit, tattoos, black, interracial, twink, blond
Runtime: 91 mins
Product Code: EU-07/17-02
Date of Release: 12 December 2017