Beautiful young Lucas, (Johannes Lars) feels stuck in a dead-end relationship, and when the local PizzaBoy Dominik, played by Russian beauty Dmitry Osten comes round with something more meaty on offer, he is quick to devour it.  Leaving his friends and boyfriend to play some more; what he doesn’t know is that they have also heard of the same delivery service and want to try it out too!  Naïve boyfriend Ollie (Nathan Hope) refuses to take part, but when handsome buddy Martin (Nathan Raider) persuades him with his thick dick, Ollie discovers a whole new world opening up to him! Having had the taste of dick, Ollie finds he wants more, and treats boyfriend Lucas to a surprise pizza; with the added bonus of a bit on the side! Panicking that his secret will be found out, Lucas tries to cancel the order just as the doorbell goes…  will Ollie find out his boyfriend’s secret, or will they discover that an extra spicy topping is exactly what they wanted all along.

Starring: Johannes Lars, Dmitry Osten, Kayden Gray, Johny Cruz, Nathan Raider, Nathan Hope, Ross Drake
Keywords: Solo sex, twink, blond, long hair, big dick, pale, dark hair, muscle, toned, tattoos, flip fucking, spit roasting, threesome, smooth
Price Category:
Runtime: 92 mins
Product Code: EU-02/16-01
Date of Release: 05 April 2016