Rudeboiz 18: Sweaty Sport Scallies

Scallies in sports kit, soaked with spunk and sweat are horny as hell in the latest Rudeboiz! With ripped, lean lads, desperate to shag and suck each other senseless, you’ll be spurting shitloads of cum, while these dirty lads indulge in the deepest fucking imaginable, worshipping each other’s bodies and even their trainers! With trainer sniffing, fucking and spunk across the soles, if you like sports gear, you’re in a for some filthy fun!

Starring: Jamie West, Christopher Crawford, Steve Spy, Kirk James, Ryder, Justin Dean, Cat Skilton, Chris Edwards
Keywords: Chavs, Scallies, Sports Kit, Duos, Blond Haired, Trainers, Foot Fetish, Tattoos, Smoking, Dark Haired, Blond Haired
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Runtime: 90 mins
Product Code: EU-12/10-01
Date of Release: 24 Jan 2011