Rudeboiz 19: Scally Sex Offenders

An all new Rudeboiz, packed full of filthy scally fucking, is here! These Scally Sex Offenders are having the nastiest, dirtiest shagging the council estates have ever seen! These South London sluts can’t help but get their fat, dripping cocks out at every opportunity, with so many hot young lads about, who can blame them? Packed with threesomes, facials, trackies, spunk and trainers, don’t miss this ultimate Rudeboiz instalment, Scally Sex Offenders!

Starring: Fraser Jacs, Thierry Schaffauser, Kez Lyle, Scott Brown, Joy Rider, Milo Milano, David O’Connor
Keywords: scally, street kids, duos, twink, threesome, group sex
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Runtime: 79 mins
Product Code: EU-02/11-07
Date of Release: 20 May 2011