Taking one for the team has a whole new meaning for these horny young men.  Whether they are blond twinks with a taste for giant dicks, or muscled men after a hot sweaty session, the match is there and they are all on the winning side!  Giving their best on the field, and still in player mode when it reaches the locker room, the bedroom or even the bathroom – the sweaty action on pitch is nothing compared the sweat they work up one-on-one!!  Head coach works his boys hard, and they give it back just as good, proving themselves to him and each other, the kitted boys and men will show you’re their ball handling skills to perfection, and will even leave you dribbling or shooting your own load!

Starring: Alex Roman, Gabriel Phoenix, Koby Lewis, Felipe Capuco, Korar Darver, Dave London, Wolf Rayet, Sam Wallis
Keywords: Duos, gay, cum, hairy body, dark hair, blond, big dick, flip-fucking, vers, versatile, sports, kit, uniform, football, beard, facial hair, tattoos, locker room, shower sex, bathroom, muscle
Price Category:
 New Release
Runtime: 84 mins
Product Code: EU-05/17-02
Date of Release: 31 June 2017