The PowerHouse

Welcome to the Power House, where real men do big business. They work hard and play harder whenever they want! In their sexy power suits, these City studs rub their massive erections as they watch the equally horny men around them, until the sexual tension is too much to bear and they indulge their lust, barely pausing to tear off their shirts! With hardcore muscled hunks, sharp suits, monster cocks and a ton of full-on office fucking in lush, sexy surroundings, this is a new breed of Alphamale that we guarantee you’re going to love!

Starring: Zack Elias, Justin Harris, Neil Stevens, Rocky, Jack Jefferson, Manu Perronash, Leo Cage, Enzo Rimenez
Keywords: Suits, Duos, Muscle, Studs, Big Dick, Rimming
Price Category:
Super Back
Product Code: EU-11/10-03
Date of Release: 10 Jan 2011
The PowerHouse