Trojan’s Toolbox

No job too big, no job too small, Trojan Rock’s crew of handymen, a mix of  muscled, rugged and hairy hung guys, would not only help you in your dire straits but leave you with a smile on your face for sure. Trojan, knowing that this business venture had more than a cash in hand bonus, he handpicked each and everyone of his his muscled crew. Chosen for their masculine looks, hairy bodies, rock hard huge cocks, massive muscles and hairy bubble butts; this is a team of handymen like no other.

Please note this DVD is 18+ and not certified by the BBFC

Starring: Ben Brown, Giovanne Cruz, Sampson Stone, Bruno Knight, Carlo Cox, Trojan Rock
Keywords: Muscle, hairy, facial hair, workmen, labourers, outdoors, smoking, duos
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Runtime: 81 mins
Product Code: EU-09/11-24