Anal Obsession

If you are a butt boy, if it’s all about the ass for you, if you can’t get enough of those tight, cock-hungry holes, be it sniffing, licking, sucking, dildoing, fingering or fucking, then this collection of anal encounters will be the only film you’ll ever need. From buttplugs, to fingers, giant double-ended dildos to dicks, anything and everything is pushed deep inside these willing butt sluts who want to be stretched out further than ever before!

Starring: Lee Jageur, Jensen Lomax, Spencer Best, MJ, Paul Stevens, Lee Hayford, Tim Kruger, Wundersex, Eustus Hunt, Louis, Darren Robins, Rick Hunter, James Buck
Keywords: Dildo, double entry, ass play, rimming, jockstrap, threesome, hairy body, Extreme Anal
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Runtime: 138 mins
Product Code: EU-08/09-05