Back Alley

Back Alley_Logo_forWhiteDark, dingy and full of rough chavs, the Back Alley isn’t a place for the faint hearted and innocent.  Known as the place to go for big dicks, tight bodies and very hungry holes, you won’t be the same when you come out of this place, you’re almost certain to be covered in cum, inside and out and with the taste lingering at the back of your throat until your next visit.  Filmed in a close encounter style, the harsh lighting gives you the feel of a rough voyeur experience whilst getting full view of the raw penetration from one man to another, the spit dribbling down their faces, around their holes and stiff dicks soon replaced by cum spurting from every orifice as the bottoms are pumped full of it and the tops empty their sacks whenever they want.  They don’t care who might show up as long as they get their balls drained.