Berlin Fuckers

Taken on a trip to the sleaziest, sexiest parts of Germany’s capital, we’re given the first class ride into the depths of sexual depravity, spying on as much outdoor cruising as we can, catching cyclists having cheeky wanks in the bushes and leather clad studs whipping thick dick out on rooftops and stroking them until they explode with thick German juice!  Capturing the best of the Berlin population at their uninhibited best, we enjoy musclemen, leather daddies and scally boys all out to shoot their load wherever they may be.

Please note this DVD is 18+ and not certified by the BBFC

Starring: Pierre Mucker, MachoBull, Pier Latte, Joachim Muller, Pete Coast, Ivan Rueda, Garcia Perez, Lucky Joe
Keywords: outdoors sex, lycra, solo sex, hairy body, duos, leather, muscle, street guys, big dick, facial hair
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Super Back
Product Code: EU-07/13-04
Date of Release: 23 September 2013
Berlin Fuckers