Bulldog Brutal

Featuring hardcore scenes from the best of Bulldog, fisting and fucking by tough studs pushing each other to the limit.  Scenes taken from the Uncut versions being showcased in one awesome DVD, including banned material seeing super bottom Ashley Ryder pushed further than ever.

Please note this DVD is 18+ and not certified by the BBFC

Starring: Lewis Quintini, Eustus Hunt, Ashley Ryder, Leonardo, Jensen Lomax, Malco, Drake, Dan Vega, Ben Taylor, Matthieu Paris, Lisandro
Keywords: fisting, extreme anal, duos, piss, water sports, hairy body, rimming, spit-roasting, studs, threesome, anal toys, dildo, spitting, double entry(fists)
Price Category:
Super Back
Product Code: EU-11/07-06
Date of Release: 14 January 2008
Bulldog Brutal