Hoodie Wankers

Dirty booze-fuelled yobs, the Hoodie Wankers run the streets at night trashing and smashing everything in their way, working themselves into a frenzy that’s unleashed when they get their rock hard cocks out and start getting even dirtier! With foot fetishes, smoking, spit, sub-dom action and, most importantly, massive cocks, this is the dirtiest and most delinquent Brits yet and you’ll fucking love every minute, from start to spunk-soaked finish!!

Starring: Ziggy, Jonnie Cash, Jake, Jason, M.J., Chris Tee, Oliver, Timo Crupp
Keywords: Smoking, Hairy Body, Red Haired, Dark Haired, Laddish, Rimming, Skinheads, Toe Sucking, Sleazy Sex, Foot Fetish, Sportswear, Tattoos, Big Dick, Interracial, Arse Play, Pierced Nipples, Nipple Play, Blonde Haired
Price Category: Back Catalogue
Product Code: EU-02/10-01
Date of Release: 18 Januaty 2010