Hung Throat Fuckers

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a thick, pulsating dick in your gob, and when the sheer thickness of the slab on meat being fucked into your throat is enough to make your eyes water, you know you’re on to a winner!  These super hung young men have found the perfect cock suckers who think they can take it all into their hungry mouths, past their juicy red lips and down into their throats, but can they?  You’ll have to watch to find out!  It’s the perfect test for how much they want that girthy, weighty dick inside them, starting with the tight throats and easing them into it up their stretchable buttholes, and boy do they need to stretch wide for them!!

Starring: Jason O’Connor, Sam Bishop, Lucas Knowles, Jake D, Daniel Johnson, Jay Dawson, Matt Brooks, Sam Bishop
Keywords: hung, throat, fuckers, sports, kit, big dick, hung, safe, hairy, twink, smooth, blond, muscle, tattoos
Runtime: 98 mins
Product Code: EU-03/17-01
Date of Release: 05 September 2017