Is That You Daddy?

The young boys might not know who is fucking them, but they are having the best time of their lives as they feel the warmth of daddy’s hands caress their smooth skin, the big rough hands working their way over their pale torsos and down towards their growing dicks and over their tight young butts, slipping a finger or two inside if there are lucky, opening the way for some hard daddy dick to enter!  The blindfolded boys have no idea who is about to fuck them – all they can sense is that they are about to be submitted to the muscled older men who are in full control of the situation, and they can’t do anything about it.  Flipped over, fucked and pounded into their beds, they only see the light when daddy takes off the blindfold after shooting his heavy load, and just who has been inside them becomes clear!  With interviews afterwards, we get to know the intimate details of how these boys were feeling throughout the anonymous ordeal!

Starring: Koby Lewis, Logan Moore, Korar Darver, Nathan Raider, Alex Roman, Dave London, Dmitry Osten, Gabriel Phoenix
Keywords: daddy, gay, duos, hairy, muscle, anon, anonymous, tattoos, twink, blond, anal, oral, suck, skinny, shaved head, dark hair
Runtime: 87 mins
Product Code: EU-10/17-02
Date of Release: 19 December 2017